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 A2 - Product Design 

4.1.3 - Human Responsibility
(i) Service to the Consumer
 2 - (ii) How to find information on the regulatory and legislative frameworks related to product design
 3 - (iii) Standard Risk Assessment procedures in product design
 4 - (iv) The values (technical, economic, aesthetic, social, environmental and moral) implicit in product design solutions.
 5 - (v) The forms of energy used by industry, its impact on design manufacturing and the environment

4.1.4 - Public Interaction
 6 - (
i) - Innovation in the market.

 7 - (ii) - Researching the market,
 8 - (iii) - Selling the product.
 9 - (iv) - Diffusion of products.

 10 - (v) - Trends, styles, new technical capabilities, and social, political and ethical influences on design, production and sale of products.

4.2.3 - Processes
 11 - (i) Hand methods of preparing, processing and manipulating materials
 12 - (ii) Machine methods of preparing, processing and manipulating materials
 13 - (iii) Combining/forming materials to enhance their properties
 14 - (iv) Understanding the use of computer aided manufacture

4.2.4 - Production Systems and Control
 15 -
(i) The use and detailed design of systems and sub-systems for manufacturing and management.
 16 - (ii) Detailed design of control systems: loops, feedback, control functions to achieve desired purpose
 17 - (iii) The use of ICT by industry in the design and manufacture of products

The A2 exam will include questions from the entire specification.
The following are topics that appeared in AS with questions in A2.
 Additional Questions

 Major Project Guidance