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DATA Health and Safety Courses

Gullfoss Falls, Iceland

Course Descriptions 

Secondary Health and Safety
SCHS - Core

Specialist Level courses
SFHS - Food Technology

SMHS - Resistant Materials

Specialist Extension Levels
STHS - Textile Technology
S1HS - Wood Sawing Machines
S2HS - Centre Lathe for Metal Cutting
S3HS - Casting Non Ferrous Metals
S4HS - Metal Arc Welding
S5HS - Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting
S6HS - Milling Machines and Machining Centre
S7HS - Wood Turning Lathe
S8HS - Planer/Thicknesser Machine
 S9HS - Portable Power Tools
 S10HS - Sharpening and Grinding
S11HS - Health and Safety for Site staff - using Power Tools
 S12HS - Essential Health & Safety for DT technicians

Refresher Training
Delegates must provide evidence of previous training, in advance of the course.  Certificates, preferably a scanned copy, to be sent by e-mail.
SCHS - Core (Delegates must bring portfolio assembled during initial SCHS-Core training)
 SMHS - Resistant Materials
S1/7/8HS - Woodworking Machinery
S2/6HS - Metalworking Machinery
 S3HS - Casting Non Ferrous metals

S4/5HS - Welding
 S9HS - Portable Power Tools

Basic Food Hygiene
If you want to have a look at the course, click HERE to request a demonstration version.

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