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Teaching Resources

Across the Mendips


 Worksheet 1
 Worksheet 2
 Worksheet 3
 Worksheet 4
 Worksheet 5
 Constructing an ellipse
 Regular Polygons 1
 Regular Polygons 2

Perspective Drawing
 Alphabet Sheet
 Boxes in 2 point perspective - set up
 Boxes in 2 point pespective - example
 Rubic cube in 1 point perspective

 Rubic cube in 2 point pespective
 Name in 1 point perspective - set up
 Name in 1 point perspective - example
 How to draw a kitchen in 1 point perspective
 Kitchen in 1 point perspective - example
 Name in 2 point perspective - set up
 Name in 2 point perspective - example

 Exam Question - Wardrobe
 Exam Question - Wardrobe - answer
 Exam Question - Seaside shelter
 Exam Question  -Seaside Shelter - answer



Isometric Drawing


Orthographic Drawing
 Drawing of Pop Tarts packet
 Drawing of Somerset Candles packet
 Orthographic Drawing Exercise
 Orthographic Drawing - Exam Questions
 Dimensioning - Guidance
 Dimensioning - Agila Exercise
 Dimensioning - Agila Exercise - answer



Rendering Techniques
 Powerpoint presentation - examples
 Powerpoint presentation - techniques
 Worksheet - enlarge to A3

 Worksheet - A4 version
 Worksheet - example
 Water Tap - worksheet


Surface Developments (Nets)
Evening Post van - colour
 Evening Post van - black and white
 Rhino Head
 Rum Cake Box (2D Design File)
 RSPCA Collecting Box (2D Design File)
 Christmas Cracker (2D Design File)



Paper and Card

Video - Making Elephant Dung Paper
 Video - Making Paper  

  Making Paper Booklet
  Making Paper
  Making Paper worksheet
  Types of Paper and Card

Printing Processes 

  Record Sheet
  Video: 'How does commercial printing work'?
  Video: How are T shirts printed?
  Printing Effects