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DATA Health and Safety Courses

Palheiro Golf Course, Madeira

Specialist Extension Level Course

S10HS - Sharpening and Grinding

Delegates will practise grinding and sharpening a selection of tools using the equipment below.  This course includes the removal and replacement of grinding wheels (not covered in SMHS) and dressing wheels.

Delegates are requested to bring a selection of items to grind and sharpen:
Centre Punch
Wood Chisel
Cold Chisel
Drill Bits
Plane Blades
Wood Turning Tools
HSS Centre Lathe Tools

Router Cutters


 Grinding Machines


Creusen Bench Grinder


Whetstone Grinder

Horizontal Bench grinder

Drill Bit Sharpener

Trugrind Sharpening System

Click on image for video

 Correct Mounting of a Grinding Wheel
 Labelling on a Grinding Wheel
 Different Materials for Grinding Wheels
 Rotational Speed to Peripheral Speed Conversion Table
 DANGER poster

 'THELEICO'  (Grinding Wheel Manufacturer) Information booklet 

Sharpening Stones


Japanese Water Stones

4 way Diamond Sharpening Stone




 Creusen Bench Grinder  Clarke Whetstone Grinder  Drill Bit Sharpener Trugrind