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DATA Health and Safety Courses

Levante Beach, Benidorm 

Specialist Extension Level Course

S12HS - Essential Health and Safety for DT Technicians
Aim of the course
The aim of this new D&T Association H&S training course is to provide both new and existing workshop technicians with essential knowledge and understanding of H&S to help them provide quality support to staff and students in schools and colleges.

Who should attend the course?
This training will benefit all workshop technicians in Secondary schools, colleges and other education establishments. The course is suitable for both new technicians wishing to gain a basic understanding of H&S and best practice within a modern D&T department, and will also be of benefit to experienced technicians wishing to extend their existing knowledge and understanding of H&S.

Content of the course
The course will cover training and certification on the D&T Association H&S Training Standards S12HS ‘H&S for Technicians’ and includes 5 topics, i.e.

Technicians attending the course will undertake a variety of activities to develop their knowledge and understanding of these 5 topics. The course is workshop based, and technicians attending the course should bring along suitable aprons/workshop coats and eye protection to use to complete the practical activities.

Following this introductory course, the D&T Association advises all technicians to attend further training to achieve certification on the Specialist and Specialist Extension Level H&S Training Standards, and in order to develop their practical knowledge, skills and understanding of working across the range of machinery and equipment used in D&T workshops.

Useful Documents

Lone Working
HSE - Guidance
 HSE - Guidance booklet
 Unison - Guidance booklet

 Hertfordshire Lone Working Risk Assessment 

PPE - Guidance
 Dust Mask Ratings
 HSE - Eyes and Face Protection
 HSE - Hearing Protection
 HSE - Over Protection

 A Guide to Glove Safety

 The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002
 COSHH Symbols - old and new

 COSHH Code numbers guidance
 COSHH Assessment blank form (pdf)
 COSHH Assessment editable blank form (MS Word)
 HSE - Toxic Woods

 HSE - Health Questionnaire
 HSE - Substances that can cause occupational asthma


COSHH - Data Sheets and Assessment Sheets
If you use the COSHH assessment sheets (MS Word docs) you need to head them up and at the end state if the exposure is adequately controlled, describing measures that need to be taken if not.

To insert a tick in these assessments, the font is Wingdings 2 and press Shift P.

If you use these assessments you are still responsible for their accuracy.

 NEU - Dust


 Tin/Lead Soft Solder 
 Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner 
 White Spirit
 Tensol 12 
 Araldite (Epoxy Resin) 
 Teak Oil 

 Sifbronze Brazing Flux
Fairy Liquid
 Dylon Fabric Paint
 Dylon Hand Dye

 Spray Mount
 Chestnut spirit based stains
 Chestnut Wood Wax

 Linseed Oil

 NEU - Dust
 Assessment Sheet
 Assessment Sheet
 Assessment Sheet
 Assessment Sheet
 Assessment Sheet
 Assessment Sheet
 Assessment Sheet
 Assessment Sheet
 Assessment Sheet
 Assessment Sheet
 Assessment Sheet

 Assessment Sheet
 Assessment Sheet
 Assessment Sheet 

 Assessment Sheet 
 Assessment Sheet 
 Assessment Sheet

Managing Tools and Equipment


 Drill rack
 Knife rack
 Thread rack

 CLEAPPS L254 Health and Safety of D&T Workshop Equipment
 Maintenance Schedules adapted from CLEAPPS L254