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Civil War Re-enactment, Gurney Slade

Specialist Extension Level Course (Refresher Training)

S1/7/8HS - Woodworking Machinery 


Delegates will need to provide evidence of previous training (photocopy or electronic file sent by e-mail).  In the event that a delegate has previous certification in only 2 out of the three they will be able to do the practical experience but not be accredited.

The training will consist of : 
1. Directly supervised training using the circular saw.
2. Construction of a '1' trophy integrating skills on planer thicknesser and bandsaw
3. Directly supervised training using a chop saw.
4. Following a revision demonstration on the wood lathe, delegates will make either a wooden pen or giant paper clip holder.

Useful Tools and Equipment


75mm Forstner bit available through Amazon
Click on image for link

Pen Mandrels from Axminster Power Tools
Click on image for link

Giant Paper Clip Kits
Click on image for link



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 Circular Saw

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