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DATA Health and Safety Courses

Abbotsbury Swannery, Dorset

Specialist Extension Level Course (Refresher Training)

S2/6HS -  Centre Lathe / Milling Machine 




Delegates will need to provide evidence of previous training (photocopy or electronic file sent by e-mail).  In the event that a delegate has previous certification in only one area they will be able to do the practical experience but not be accredited.

The training will consist of :
Centre Lathe - manufacture a knurled handle

Milling machine - manufacture a V block
Milling machine and rotary table - manufacture a smiley face

Planning Exercises
 Knurled nut               Knurled nut - ans
 V Block                      V Block - ans



DfES Teachernet Guidance
  Centre Lathe
 Milling Machine