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DATA Health and Safety Courses
Mountains behind Benidorm, Spain 

Specialist Extension Level Course

S3HS - Casting Non Ferrous Metals



This course will be in 2 parts, the first part covering the DATA standards and then practical experience in preparing a sand casting box.  Delegates will either create a pattern of their own design using foundry letters and numbers or make a copy of an existing cast iron sign.

Flamefast Furnace Information Sheets
  Model CM350EPS
   Model CM350PBE - This is the model that we have at Frome College and use on the course
  Model CRM700

Flamefast Books and Information Sheets
Casting Book

 Care of Crucible

Ecogas De-gassing Tablets
 Technical Data Sheet

Student Worksheets
 How to prepare a Moulding Box
 How to prepare a Moulding Box - answer
 Moulding Tools
 Moulding Tools - answers
 Moulding Tools homework sheet
 Moulding Tools homework sheet - answers

Sand Casting

DfES Teachernet Guidance
  Crucible Furnace
  Moulding Bench

 Suppliers of Foundry Equipment