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DATA Health and Safety Courses

Line up of Showman's Engines at GDSF


Specialist Extension Level Course

S5HS - Oxy-Acetylene Welding and Cutting


This course will consist of a presentation covering the DATA standards followed by practical experience in setting up the equipment and Oxy Acetylene welding and cutting.  Delegates will practise a series of welding tasks.  At Frome College, or if I bring my equipment to you I will be using the Albee system from Air Liquide.  Click HERE for further information.  Please note that if training is required on your equipment the regulators and flashback arrestors must be within date.  The expiry date is usually stamped clearly on the back.  Regulators and flashback arrestors have a 5 year life span.

 Click for a drawing of an oxy-acetylene welding set

 CP7 - The Safe Use of Oxy-Fuel Equipment - Code of Practice
 CP44 - Storage of Gas Cylinders - Code of Practice
 TIS8 - Collection of Gas Cylinders - Technical Information Sheet
 TIS12 - Handling Cylinders Safely - Technical Information Sheet
 BCGA - Risk Assessment - Internal Storage of Cylinders - can be adapted

BOC getting too expensive?
If you currently have a BOC set and are paying rental on the gas bottles but don't use it that much but don't want to give it up, there are a couple of options below.

Hobbyweld sell oxygen and acetylene gas.  You pay a deposit on the bottles and then pay for refills when you need them, but you do have to buy regulators, and replace every 5 years.
Click HERE to go to their website.

 Acetylene data sheet
 Oxygen data sheet

Albee sell oxygen and acetylene gas.  You buy the bottles and then pay for refills when you need them. The bottles come with regulators so you don't have to buy them.
Click HERE to go to their website.

Albee Safety Data Sheets

Technical Information



Health and Safety Executive



BOC Operating Handbook    

Safety in use of Compressed Gas Cylinders

West Country Welding, Keynsham 
These are some information sheets from West Country Welding.   

Albee Price List
(correct on 30 July 2013)

Gas Welding Equipment Servicing


 Gas Welding Pressure and Consumption Chart

 'Danger - Acetylene' posters to put at entrance to workshop

 Cutting Blowpipe Instruction Sheet