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DATA Health and Safety Courses


Specialist Extension Level Course
Priddy Sheep Fair 

S6HS - Milling Machines and Machining Centres

This course will consist of a presentation covering the DATA standards followed by practical experience on the Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine. 



Milling Tutorials from Hong Kong Polytechnic University

 Milling Information Booklet

   Planning to Make Exercise 1 - Vee Block
   Planning to Make Exercise 2 - G Clamp
  Planning to Make Exercise 3 - Simple Machine Vice
  Planning to Make Exercise 4 - Complex Machine Vice


Milling Tutorials from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, as used on training course.

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 Presentation 1 - Introduction to Milling 
 Presentation 2 - Tool holding and planning to make
 Presentation 3 - Holding Devices

Information Worksheets
 Basic Milling Operations
 Vertical Milling Tools
 HSE: hsg127- H&S in Engineering workshops (Milling)

VLC media player (Click on cone to download)

 A Vertical Milling Demonstration

DfES Teachernet Guidance
 Milling Machine