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Specialist Extension Level Course
Torrevieja Seafront, Spain

S7HS - Wood Turning Lathe


This course will consist of a presentation covering the DATA standards followed by practical experience in the use of a Harrison Graduate wood lathe. Delegates will then demonstrate competence by manufacturing a free turning exercise with a banksia nut, followed by a bowl, made from one of a selection of domestic timbers such as Sycamore, Lime, Beech or Ash. 



 Wood Turning Lathe - Information Booklet

 Woodturning Basics by Jamie Wallwin of Craft Supplies

 Parts of a Wood Lathe worksheet           Answers

 Cartoon courtesy of Nailsworth Subscription Rooms

6 Laws of Wood Turning by Keith Rowley

Law 1. The speed of the lathe must be compatible with the size, weight, and length of the wood to be turned.

Law 2. The tool must be on the rest before the whirling
timber is engaged, and must remain so whenever the tool is in contact with the wood.

Law 3. The bevel (grinding angle) of the cutting tools must rub the wood behind the cut.

Law 4. The only part of the tool that should be in contact with the wood is that part of the tool receiving direct
support from the tool rest.

Law 5. Always cut “downhill” or with the grain.

Law 6. Scrapers must be kept perfectly flat (in section) on the tool rest and presented in the “trailing mode,” i.e., with the tool handle higher than the tool edge.

Along with the Rowley laws, several others come to mind, but in a humorous mode:

1.    You can always make it smaller.

2.    It’s only wood, and you can burn it at any stage.

3.    Catches are not problems, but rather artistic opportunities.

4.    The longer it has been since you had a catch, the closer you are to having one. Nobody gets it right all the time.

5.    Practice may not make you perfect, but it certainly produces a lot of shavings.

6.    If you’re not having fun, you’re probably doing something wrong.

7.    When things happen on the lathe, they happen FAST.



Woodturning Tools - Click to see a larger picture

Roughing Gouge   

Parting Tool  


Bowl Gouge

Skew Chisel



Bowl Scraper

Spindle Gouge



 Woodturning Tools Information Sheet

VLC media player (Click on cone to download)


Turning a small mushroom


 Turning a honey dipper - demonstrates use of a skew chisel

A wood turning tool sharpening jig

How to make a wooden pen




Manufacturer's Handbooks



 Harrison Grauate Manual

Click to view the full digital publication online
Axminster Wood Turning Chuck




'Getting the most out of your lathe' - published in 1935 (no safety information)

  Download in chapters -   if you haven't got it.
 Chapter 1 - The Lathe and its equipment
 Chapter 2 - Spindle Turning

 Chapter 3 - Faceplate and Chuck Turning
 Chapter 4 - Special Turning Operations
 Chapter 5 - Jigs and Fixtures
 Chapter 6 - Using Lathe Attachments
 Chapter 7 - Wood Finishing


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 Wood Lathe