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DATA Health and Safety Courses

Seaton Tramway

Specialist Extension Level Course (Refresher Training)

S9HS -  Portable Power Tools

Training will cover the 6 power tools refered to in BS4163 as requiring specific accredited training: Router, Biscuit jointer, Jigsaw, Circular Saw, Planer and Angle Grinder.



Clarke Dovetail Jig
Machine Mart Code:



Rebating Cutter
Axminster code :

Delegates will manufacture the following projects:

- a key rack incorporating a router, jigsaw and router table.

- pot stand using a biscuit jointer

- a dovetail joint using a dovetail jointing jig

- a spice rack using a housing joint jig

- mirror frame using biscuit jointer and rebating cutter in a router

Delegates will also re-demonstrate safe use of circular saw, planer and angle grinders.

Help Sheets

 How to set up a Clarke Dovetail Jig