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DATA Health and Safety Courses


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Secondary Core

Code : SCHS

The Secondary Core Health and Safety course is the introduction to your Health and Safety training.  It will explain the structure of the DATA courses and how these relate to the Health and Safety at Work Act and BS4163:2014 (Code of Practice for teaching Design and Technology in Secondary Schools)  It will also cover different methods of Risk Assessment, and other essential areas of Design Technology.  You will be provided with a folder with 10 sections and guidance on what is required for each section.

 Introduction to Health and Safety
 Health and Safety at Work Act


Course Content
The course consists of 10 sections

1. Understand 36 Core Training Standards
2. Awareness of Health and Safety documentation

3. Consider personal training needs
4. Conduct a risk assessment
5. Teaching and Learning Strategies
6. Conduct a COSHH assessment
7. The Workshop Environment
8. Portable Appliance Testing
9. LEV Servicing

10. Maintenance procedures


Pre course information
To enable the course to run efficiently you will need to bring with you various pieces of documentation.  These are described on a DATA document which can be downloaded HERE.

SCHS-Core is a course primarily aimed at teachers, and could be relevant to technicians if they are unable to attend the S12HS-Essential H&S for DT technicians course.  Teachers in Activity 5 of the course are required to produce evidence through schemes of work/lesson plans.  Technicians and support staff do not normally use these documents so DATA require them to 'write up a short case-study of how they supported a student(s) safely with a practical activity'.  Click HERE for a DATA guidance sheet. This should be completed prior to the course.

I don't normally send the portfolio out in advance but we put the relevant documents in the portfolio as we work through the course.

 Sample Documents for your portfolio
These are the types of documents you need for your portfolio.  Trainee teachers may use them as examples until they can replace them with real documents from their schools.


 Section 4 - HSE document - A Brief Guide to controlling risk in the workplace
 Section 5 - 5 minute lesson plan template

 Section 5 - 5 minute lesson plan template - explanation
 Section 5 - Student Skills Passport (MS Word Doc)
 Section 6 - COSHH Assessment Form Blank (MS Word Doc)

 Section 6 - COSHH data sheet for Multicore solder
 Section 6 - COSHH data sheet for Dylon Fabric Paint
 Section 7 - Developing Health and Safety Awareness 
 Section 8 - PAT - 'Before You Switch On' poster
 Section 8 - PAT - Equipment register form
 Section 9 - LEV report
Section 10 - Visual Machinery Check sheet 
 Section 10 - Machinery Servicing Report (Bowerhill)

Please note: there is no machine training on this course.