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DATA Health and Safety Courses
The Humber Bank 

SFHS - Secondary Food Technology

Food Hygiene is governed by a large number of laws that relate to specific areas of food e.g.meat, dairy, etc.

Schools are covered by the Food Safety Act - Paragraph 23 is below

23. The Act does not in itself cover hygiene, on which there is separate legislation made using the powers given under the Act, or food prepared in the home for domestic purposes. It does cover food prepared by childminders in their homes for other people's children and extends to activities such as preparation of food in canteens, clubs, schools, hospitals, institutions and public and local authorities.

 Food Hygiene Act 2006 which is the organisation of food hygiene in the UK.
 Food Safety Act 2009 - A guide from the Food Standards Agency

 Schedule 1 of the Regulations are the main points that relate to all food establishments.

 Food Safety Act - 10 key points


DATA standards will be covered then delegates will demonstrate safe practice by making a selection of simple recipes, with ingredients provided.

Recipes - Click on photograph for recipe card




 5 minute chocolate mug cake   

Carrot and Coriander soup

Deep Fried Mushrooms



Delegates need to have completed a Basic Food Hygiene course in the last 5 years and need to bring a photocopy of the certificate for my records.  I am an administrator for an on-line Basic Food Hygiene which can be completed at home in about 4 hours, at your convenience.  You need a pair of headphones or speakers attached to your computer.  There is also no additional charge for the certificate.

Food Standards Agency
 Detergents, Disinfectants and Sanitisers
 Cross contamination
 Food at charity events
 Hot Holding

 NHS Advice
 NHS - The healthly way to eat eggs 
 NHS - Use By and Best Before Dates
 NHS - Allergy and Food Intolerance
 NHS - Food Poisoning
 NHS - 10 ways to prevent food poisoning

 Reheating Instructions template

7 Principles
 7 Principles and Record Sheets

Cleaning Schedule Sheets
 Daily Cleaning Schedule Sheet
 Monthly Cleaning Schedule Sheet

Safety Posters
A3 Allergens poster (£9.06 + VAT)

Instruction Manuals
Hand Blender
 Hand Mixer

 Recipe Costing Software

DfES Teachernet Guidance
 Food Preparation Equipment