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DATA Health and Safety Courses

Line of Greenwich Meridian in Cleethorpes

SMHS - Secondary Materials Health and Safety

The SMHS - Resistant Materials is a general course covering 12 areas which is suitable for teachers, technicians and support staff in need of basic training.  
This course runs over 2 sessions and will cover the following topics. Each area will be separately accredited on the certificate.
A variety of practical projects will be undertaken to cover the practical requirements of the course.

Part 1
  Hand Tools
  Drilling Machine
  Powered Fret Saw/Scroll Saw

  Sanding/Linishing Machine
  Portable Power Tools (Hand held sanders and drills only)

Part 2
  Off Hand Grinding Machine
  Bench Shears/Guillotine/Pedicut etc

  Polishing/Buffing Machine
  Power Hacksaw/Metal Cutting Bandsaw
  Heat Processes
  Plastic Moulding Processes

  Practical Task Checklist