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DATA Health and Safety Courses

Line of Greenwich Meridian in Cleethorpes

SMHS - Secondary Materials Health and Safety

The SMHS - Resistant Materials is a general course covering 12 areas which is suitable for teachers, technicians and support staff in need of basic training.  
This course runs over 2 sessions and will cover the following topics. Each area will be separately accredited on the certificate.
A variety of practical projects will be undertaken to cover the practical requirements of the course.

Many delegates are new to D&T and ask for a source of basic guidance.  I recommend the Ladybird books 'Learnabout Woodwork' and 'Learnabout Metalwork'.  The earlier version was called 'How to do it....  same book. They are no longer in print but readily available on Amazon.  In the days of CSE I used to have class sets of both, so check around you may have copies hidden away.  I will have copies for you to look at the course.


Part 1
  Hand Tools
  Drilling Machine
  Powered Fret Saw/Scroll Saw

  Sanding/Linishing Machine
  Portable Power Tools (Hand held sanders and drills only)

Part 2
  Off Hand Grinding Machine
  Bench Shears/Guillotine/Pedicut etc

  Polishing/Buffing Machine
  Power Hacksaw/Metal Cutting Bandsaw
  Heat Processes
  Plastic Moulding Processes

  Practical Task Checklist