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DATA Health and Safety Courses
  Ronda, Spain 

Specialist Level Course (Refresher Training)

SMHS - Secondary Materials Health and Safety  

Delegates will need to provide evidence of previous training (photocopy or electronic file sent by e-mail).
The training will consist of a selection of simple practical projects that ensure that at least one task is taken from each of the 12 areas:

Hand Tools
Drilling Machine
Powered Fret Saw/Scroll Saw
Sanding/Linishing Machine
Portable Power Tools (Hand held sanders and drills only)
Off Hand Grinding Machine
Bench Shears/Guillotine/Pedicut etc
Polishing/Buffing Machine
Power Hacksaw/Metal Cutting Bandsaw
Heat Processes
Plastic Moulding Processes 


Practical Tasks






 Task List

 2 Bead Puzzle              2 Bead Puzzle (Solution)
 Ox Yoke Puzzle            Ox Yoke/2 ring puzzle (Solution)
 Dibber rack
 Pen/pencil rack            Pen/Pencil rack (2D Design file)
 Reindeer Christmas tree decoration (2D Design file)
 Wooden Try Square