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DATA Health and Safety Courses
Great Dorset Steam Fair 2010 

SSHS - Secondary Systems and Control

Creating PCBs for any method of production can start with software such as "2D PCB" click HERE to go to Techsoft website for a demo download.

Making an PCB using the etch resist method - a video will be used to demonstrate safe practice. Click HERE to watch video .


 Making a PCB (Mega Electronics) 
 Making a PCB (Rapid Electronics)

 UV Exposure Unit
 Mega PCB Processing tank instructions
 PCB drill instructions


 5 Stages of Making a PCB                Word List

Kitronik's video on how to solder

Delegates will manufacture a circuit from a choice of 3 Kitronik projects.

Click on image for construction guide


 Stereo amplfier

Quiz buzzer

 Timer Project

Useful Links
 Mechanisms animations (ex-Flying Pig)
 Structures - West Point Bridge Designer 2014
 Focus Educational software for DT
 Logicator Download (free for personal use)

 Introduction to Yenka Electronics