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DATA Health and Safety Courses

El Kantaoui Golf Course, Tunisia


SMHS - Hand Tools

The first task will be to construct a sample comb or dovetail joint. Click HERE for measurements 


A Plant Pot Stand

 Templates (2D Design files)

During the remainder of the SMHS course various small projects will be made and hand tools utilised.   

Woodworking Tools
Worksheets from Stanley Tools

 How to use simple woodworking striking tools
 How to use a Bench Plane, Plough Plane and Surform
 How to cut and clean a shoulder
 Preparation - the most important step
 Frame Construction - Simple corners
 Frame Construction - T and X joints
 Carcase Construction - Simple corners
 Carcase Construction - T and X joints
 Stanley Planes - Parts and adjustment
 Cutter Maintenance
 Chisels - Safety
 Screwdrivers - Safety
 Hammer - Safety
 How to use Saws
 Securing two pieces of wood

Metalworking Tools

Hand Tools Tutorial from Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Click      to install Microsoft Animation Player

  Metalworking Hand Tools         

  Hand Tools - Metal