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Busselton Jetty, WA

SHMS - Heat Processes

There are 4 components to this section.
(a) Forgework
(b) Brazing/Silver Soldering
(c) Low Temperature Casting
(d) Electrical soft soldering
Delegates will manufacture a poker, that incorporates forming an eye, drawing down and twisting, a copper candle holder, a sample using the low temperature casting furnace and a moisture tester project/Rear Bike light project.


(a) Forgework

 How to forge an eye


 Flamefast - Forging and Tempering


  'Real Player' Download Site, which may be needed to play the videos below OR  'FLV Hosting' without any adverts but not as versatile

(b) Brazing/Silver Soldering

6 videos - Click on each picture


  1. Joint Design  

  2. Choice of Brazing Filler Metal Alloy

 3. Pre-Cleaning      4. Fluxing the Joint
 5. Heating the Joint and Applying the Filler  6. Removing the Flux Residues After Brazing Metal

 A Guide to Silver Soldering and Brazing based on the videos 

(c) Low Temperature Casting

Delegates will cast a model of a Roman soldier or Henry VIII using the equipment below.


 Lee Melting Pot - Instructions


Instruction manual (pdf version)

Technical Specification

(d) Electrical soft soldering
Delegates will construct either the Rapid Electronics 'Moisture Tester' Project or the Kitroniks 'Rear Bike Light' project.

Rapid Electronics - Moisture Tester project

 Rapid Electronics Catalogue Number - (Pack of 20 kits) - 13-0102 

 Moisture Tester Project notes from Rapid Electronics (pdf version)



Kitroniks - Rear Bike Light project
Click on image to go Kitronik website
 Build Instructions

 Assembly Video

'Your Guide to Soldering' by Maplins

Kitronik's video on soldering

DfES Teachernet Guidance
 Hot metal equipment
 Brazing Hearth
 Chip Forge