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DATA Health and Safety Courses
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Planning your Training

Please use the audit form to plan your training.
Place an I for Initial training and R for Refresher training to indicate requirements; for any refresher training please attach previous certificate.
 Audit form

Technicians new to D&T in education but have extensive industrial experience and have not been given the opportunity to attend training courses, may complete a self certification form on which they can describe their industrial background and apply for exemption from initial training and so attend refresher training.
 Self Certification form


How to book

1. Check the 'Course Dates' page to check whether space or dates are available.  Generally the 'Course Dates' page is up to date.
2. If you need assistance to calculate cost, please e-mail me.  Mileage is calculated using AA route planner, to and from BA3 4TE.
3. Ask your finance office to prepare an order with an order number and e-mail address, with requested dates and delegate names, and I will return an invoice for payment.  Invoices will be sent by e-mail.
4. Payment, preferably by BACS,  is required 7 days prior to the first course date, or for immediate payment if organised at short notice. 
5. If booking refresher training copies of previous certification, or self certification form, need to be sent to verify suitability of refresher training.

Private individuals need to include payment with booking request.