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Welcome to my website

You will find details of the training courses that I offer. 

Courses take place in the DT department at Frome College (BA11 2HQ for those with satnavs) and run from 4-8pm, or Chilcompton Village Hall, which is situated on the south side of the B3139 partway through the village of Chilcompton. Postcode: BA3 4EX, Binegar Memorial Hall.  Postcode: BA3 4TR, or in a host school.

Click HERE for 'A guide to Health and Safety Training in Design and Technology'

Latest News

4  Jan 2021 - Lockdown - Boris has spoken and announced what we were all expecting.  I am not going to mess about so I am cancelling all training up to February half term.  I will be contacting everybody concerned.  I am not going to re-schedule Frome based courses until the situation is clear and I can be sure that training can go ahead.  I will probably re-schedule everything up to the end of the summer term. 

4  Jan 2021 - Retirement - I am making the announcement that I have been hinting at for a while.  I am going to retire from training on 31 March 2022, the end of the financial tax year, Covid or not.  Due to the nature of running a business the way I have, I will not be 'running down'.  It will be a final fixed finish. 






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Your name, employer and contact address and email will be collected and used for processing with DATA (the Design and Technology Association), accreditation of courses attended.  Please be assured that we do not share your personal details with any other company without your consent.

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